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Morris County Freeholder Board Unanimously Passes JCP&L Resolution introduced by Freeholder Selen

August 27, 2020, Chatham Township, NJ

Freeholder Tayfun Selen’s resolution demanding that JCP&L reimburse their Morris County ratepayers was unanimously adopted by all Morris County Freeholders at Wednesday night’s regular meeting.

See the full statement of the Morris County Freeholders here:

JCP&L failed to properly communicate with its customers and public officials as the outage stretched out for days after the storm, and that the utility was inordinately slow in restoring power to thousands of households. As the Freeholder’s resolution, adopted at a public meeting Wednesday night, demands that:

  1. JCP&L ratepayers in Morris County be refunded their August electric bills;

  2. JCP&L ratepayers be reimbursed for the cost of medications and food lost during the power outage; and

  3. BPU mandate JCP&L invest substantially in electricity infrastructure in and surrounding Morris County to strengthen the network and in turn eliminate extended power outages

“I have received countless calls and emails from my constituents, including seniors, single moms, and small business owners across the county who suffered a real hardship due to these unacceptably long power outages. JCPL must be held accountable,” said Selen.

In other parts of New Jersey, utility company PSE&G has started to reimburse ratepayers for food and medicine that went bad during the power outage. CONED, the utility company in NY has been doing the same. JCP&L continues to ignore their Morris County New Jersey ratepayers and the financial hardship they were forced to endure.

Here is the link to Freeholder Selen’s recent video regarding his efforts to get JCP&L to reimburse ratepayers:

Those with any questions or concerns regarding the current situation with JCP&L in Morris County, please contact Freeholder Tayfun Selen on his cell phone 973 222 0484 or email him at


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